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Go! Staff

Marcia Brink is the program coordinator of Go!. She’s is a communications specialist at InTrans. Contact her at mbrink@iastate.edu or 515-294-9480.

Bennett Stone is the graduate student writer and communications designer. He is responsible for developing and maintaining the Go! web site and collecting regular feedback from readers to improve the magazine. Bennett is a Ph.D. student in the Human Computer Interaction program at Iowa State University. Contact him at blstone@iastate.edu.

Former Go! Staff

Rema Nilakanta is the program coordinator. She coordinates strategic long-term efforts with the director. She is also responsible for overseeing the staff and ensuring the timeliness and quality of content production. Contact her at rema@iastate.edu or 515-294-1945.

Alexandria (Alex) Werner and Kelly Mantick are student writers at Go!. Alex is a graduate student in Rhetoric and Professional Communication and Kelly is a senior in Anthropology and English.

Britta Mennecke was Go!’s graphic designer. She developed visuals and graphics for the Go! web site, designed promotional material, and promoted the magazine with middle and high school students. Britta is a graduate student in the Graphic Design program at Iowa State University. Contact her at ruth463@iastate.edu.

Mina Shin was the graphic designer and art director for Go!. She was also the graphic designer for the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center.

Stewart McCoy was a graduate student writer for Go!. He also helped come up with issue themes and article ideas, attended events and career fairs, and managed our social media presences. He was a graduate student in rhetoric and professional communication at Iowa State University.

Rebekah Bovenmyer was the editor from August 2009 to May 2010. She decided what articles to include in each issue, she wrote some articles, and she manageed the Go! website. She was the first editorial assistant for Go! when Michele started the magazine in January 2007.

Katie Greenwood was a graduate student writer for Go!. She also helped come up with issue themes and article ideas, attended events and career fairs, and helped with our print marketing efforts. She’s earned her master’s degree in literature from Iowa State University.

Roland I. Maldonado wrote for Go! from August 2008 through May 2009.

Michele Regenold created Go! in January 2007, fulfilling a lifelong dream to be the editor of her very own magazine. In July 2009, she followed her passion for teaching to Nicolet Area Technical College in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. She teaches English, writes young adult novels, and enjoys the great outdoors.

Alison Weidemann was the art director. She created much of Go!’s look and feel and was responsible for the Mystery Photo. She is the lead graphic designer for the College of Design at Iowa State University.